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Sandwich of the Month – March

Ham, caprino cheese, arucola, lemon peel and artichokes salad.   PANINO DEL...

04th mar

Sandwich of the Month – February

Turkey, poppy seeds, salad and primo sale cheese   PANINO DEL MESE...

01st feb

Sandwich of the Month – January

Anchovies, butter, salad and dried dates.   PANINO DEL MESE – GENNAIO...

01st gen

Sandwich of the Month – December

Ham, mustard and pan fried broccoletti   PANINO DEL MESE – DICEMBRE...

13th dic

Sandwich of the month – August

Directely from San Pietro Island in Sardinia.. Smoked tuna, arucola, capers, balsamic...

31st ago
Sandwich of the month - august

Sandwich of the Month – July

Zucchini carpaccio, arucola, pine nut, olive oil and salt.   PANINO DEL...

13th lug

Sandwich of the Month – June

Whole bread, tomato, aromatic herbs, oil, salt and edible flowers.   PANINO...

04th giu

Coffee Table Easy Dinner

Kamut pasta with zucchini flowers, anchovies, mint, thyme and basil.   CENA...

28th mag

Sandwich of the Month – February

Rye bread with mortadella, mustard, baby spinach and almonds.   PANINO DEL...

03rd feb
Sandwich of the month

Pork with Plums & Speck

Roll a 1Kg piece of pork into Speck slices and tie it...

03rd feb

Sandwich of the Month – January

Chilli chicory and Feta cheese.   PANINO DEL MESE – GENNAIO Cicoria...

01st gen
Sandwich of the month

Light Lunch

Crunchy bread, citrus marinated trout, curly endive, oil and salt. PRANZO LEGGERO...

03rd dic