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Sandwich of the Month – November

Croutons with “Ciauscolo”, truffle olive oil and truffle flakes on top.  ...

09th nov
panino di novembre

Croutons with Quail Eggs and Truffle Flakes

Easy to make but very impressive…Toast thin slices of bread, cook the...

08th nov
crostini con uova di quaglia

The Scented Way…

Hyacinth bulbs in different colours…for an original and very scented way…  ...

06th nov

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza – Roma

With passion and enthusiasm Nonna (Grandma) Vincenza and her children pass on...

05th nov

Dolce – Roma

Dessert, of course, their specialty! You order them right away, before the...

02nd nov

The Chic Picnic at Flower Market Amesterdam

31st ott


Spices are a universe of emotions, scents that evoke trips to distant...

26th ott

Ladurée ROMA – TODAY Boutique Opening

The French “luxury bakery” Maison founded by Louis Ernest Ladurée in 1862...

25th ott

Thin & Crispy Eggplants

(4 people) Cut 2 big eggplants in thin slices (approx. 2 mm)...

25th ott
Sottilissima di melanzane

Sushi Ko – Roma

It’s not so easy to stop by chance at Sushi Ko if...

25th ott
Sushi Ko

The Chic Picnic & Ginger Sapori e Salute

18th ott
Collaborazione Ginger

The Book of the Week

Our book suggestion…”Zuppe à Porter” Guido Tommasi – Editor   IL LIBRO...

17th ott