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Our Halloween composition…roses, orange peppers, medium size pumpkin, dried leaves, small multicolor...

17th ott

Cupcake Couture – Milano

For Cupcake lovers, the small cakes originally from US and now famous...

17th ott
cupcake couture

Food & Design

Vials of flavored honey, a chandelier and lots of creativity…food and design...

17th ott
Lampadario Miele

Spelt & Veggies

4 people Cook 300gr of Pearl Spelt in boiling salty water for...

16th ott

Cereals in a Jar

Ideal for Takeaways and picnic… Mashed black chickpeas cooked with rosemary and...

12th ott
cereali in barattolo

Halloween Flowers

…And for Halloween, we have a new composition…three small vases with ornamental...

06th ott
Halloween flowers


Aromatic plants, urban gardening accessories, aromatic salt, olive oil and sugar and...

05th ott

Sandwich of the Month – October

“Spiga” bread – turkey – sundried Pachino tomatoes – spicy aubergine sauce....

04th ott
Panino Ottobre

Rosè & Roses

For an original and chic cocktail party in your city apartment or...

04th ott
Cubetti Rose

Book of the Week – Paper Blossoms

If you don’t have time to take care of your home flowers,...

01st ott
ray marshall

Differently Sweet…

South Americans use the plant Stevia since thousand of years ago for...

29th set

Negozio Leggero – Draught Shopping

Where research and ecology meet in an original way of shopping …draught...

27th set
negozio leggero