Sandwich of the Month – March

Ham, caprino cheese, arucola, lemon peel and artichokes salad.   PANINO DEL...

04th mar

Sandwich of the Month – January

Anchovies, butter, salad and dried dates.   PANINO DEL MESE – GENNAIO...

01st gen

Sandwich of the Month – February

Rye bread with mortadella, mustard, baby spinach and almonds.   PANINO DEL...

03rd feb
Sandwich of the month

Sandwich of the Month – January

Chilli chicory and Feta cheese.   PANINO DEL MESE – GENNAIO Cicoria...

01st gen
Sandwich of the month

Sandwich of the Month – October

Worm Baguette with grilled Porcini mushrooms, Fontina cheese and speck.   PANINO...

24th ott

Sandwich of the Month – September

Smoked swordfish, figs and ricotta cheese.. Our September sandwich can be also...

03rd set
Sandwich of the month - september

Sandwich of the Month – August

  Tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, anchovies, basil, aromatic salt and green Tabasco.  ...

04th ago
Sandwich of the month - August

Sandwich of the Month – July

Rustic Frusta bread, ham, Pecorino cheese, black olive souce and sage.  ...

16th lug
Sandwich of the month - july

Sandwich of the Month – June

Wheat Piadina with goat Camenbert cheese, pumpkin and almond seeds, lattuga or...

03rd giu
Panino del mese - giugno

Sandwich of the Month – May

Pecorino cream (whirr Pecorino and milk), tomatoes and mint leaves.   PANINO...

10th mag
panino del mese - maggio

Sandwich of the Month – April

Smoked Prosciutto, Grana Padano parmesan cheese, sundried Pachino tomatoes, balsamic vinegar.  ...

02nd apr
Panino del mese - aprile

Sandwich of the Month – March

Piadina with mango, tomato, goat cheese and Tabasco.   PANINO DEL MESE...

08th mar
Sandwich of the month - march