Coffee Table Easy Dinner

Kamut pasta with zucchini flowers, anchovies, mint, thyme and basil.   CENA...

28th mag

New Opening – Rome

Natural and fresh, takeaway or quick eat there. To try during a...

06th dic

The Book of the Week

Gummy recipes from all over the world…check it out!!!     IL...

04th apr
A suola di cucina dal mondo

Libro di Vino – Roma

Spring is arriving and we keep searching for new places to recommend…....

30th mar
Libro di Vino

Temakinho – Temakeria Brasileira – Milano

The first Temaki Brazilian Restaurant in Europe … ( which means get...

05th feb

Baccano – Roma

Trevi Fountain calling Soho…. in the heart of Rome a new Bistrot...

07th gen

Creta di Carta

She grew up surrounded by piles of newspapers and magazines, Ilaria del...

29th nov
Creta di Carta

Croutons with Quail Eggs and Truffle Flakes

Easy to make but very impressive…Toast thin slices of bread, cook the...

08th nov
crostini con uova di quaglia

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza – Roma

With passion and enthusiasm Nonna (Grandma) Vincenza and her children pass on...

05th nov


Spices are a universe of emotions, scents that evoke trips to distant...

26th ott

Thin & Crispy Eggplants

(4 people) Cut 2 big eggplants in thin slices (approx. 2 mm)...

25th ott
Sottilissima di melanzane

Stick House

Almost by chance I decided to take a look…I found out a...

31st ago
stick house