Maido – Milan

An amazing original Japanese Street Food Experience in a small and cozy...

17th set

Al Fresco – Milano

  A location that makes you feel like you are “at home”,...

13th gen
al fresco

Biancolatte – Milano

Icecream place, milk bar, restaurant, shop, bakery … White interiors just like...

02nd ago

Nami Sushi – Milano

As you walk towards it you think you are entering a Japanese...

26th lug
nami sushi-17

Ham Holy Burger – Milano/Roma

The nowadays saying is… grab an iPad and go… but in this...

19th lug
Holu Burger-1

Lattughino – Milano

Where Italian BIO food and New York style delivery meet! Gourmet burgers,...

12th lug

Sorbetteria Castiglione (Ice Cream)

“The first ingredient for ice cream is passion!” this is their slogan...

28th giu